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SILO Structure

When you are creating a website than doing SEO is a key factor. If your website is SEO optimized then it helps to increase the traffic to your website. To do this you must to clearly state the contents to Google crawler and your audience. And another thing is to do your keyword research and putting it to optimize your content.

In websites, content creation is one thing but arranging it is a different thing altogether. You may have good content but your website still does not rank on the first few preferences. The reason is that your website pages are not categorized efficiently.

Generally, a website has multiple pages that can be categorized hierarchically and put it into separate groups. But if the categorization and hierarchical fashion are not maintained properly then your pages are haphazardly arranged and it is not optimized.

You need your websites to have groups or landing pages and then want to have subgroups and further division. This way the all the pages are best represented on a website.

What is Silo technique and how it is implemented in websites?

Silo Structure is a technique that helps to organize the content into groups and subgroups. For example, you can take an example of an electronic store selling multiple electronic items such as laptops, smartphones, iPods, tabs. Suppose the main keyword is the best electronic store. Use this information on the landing page. Separate pages should be created for each of the electronic gadgets. Suppose for example the supporting keywords such as best electronic store selling laptops.

You can optimize and organize each of the pages by using keywords accordingly and then linking the pages in the same way that it links, for example, some Fully-Verified page with the keywords “video id verification”. This ensures that Google crawlers can understand the content and the structure of your website easily and analyze it. This will ensure the maximum optimization of your website in terms of the structure of the website.

Two types of silos used to design websites- Physical and Virtual

There are mainly two ways in which Silo Structure is done on the websites. They are-

Physical Silo Structure

Here the webpages are ordered according to niches and sub-niches. You can think of having siloing as a directory structure. There is a main theme or folder and then it is divided into subfolders. Each of the subfolders will emphasize and have content on one category of the product only.

For example, let us take the example of the electronic store mentioned above. Here the main theme is electronic store. So this will be the root folder. Under this, we will create subfolders for laptops, smartphones, iPods, tabs.

Then the URLs automatically follow the root structure like- www.bestelectronicstore.com

The subpages will have URLs like this- www.bestelectronicstore.com/laptops

Virtual Silo Structure

In virtual Silo Structure, we make use of links to connect the pages. It connects the related pages in links that you may take as a hierarchy. When crawlers crawl the websites then make use of the inks and find the associated pages. These virtual links are very important for SEO optimization score. Here you have a landing page and the subpages are linked to the main theme page.

Let us take the examples of URLs and understand the linking-

The main URL is www.bestelectronicstore.com. this will have 4 sublinks like one each for the gadgets on the landing page itself.     

How to further optimize virtual siloing

Virtual siloing can be optimized by following certain techniques as mentioned below-

  • One top landing page will have links to similar pages and other main landing pages. Such as the page on laptops will have links to others such as Apple laptops, Lenovo laptops. The laptop page will also have a link to another landing page like smartphones.
  • No subpage in a silo should have links to another subpage in another silo. This would weaken the siloing technique.
  • The last subpage on a topic can have the link to the next landing page. Such as the last subpage in the laptop section will have a link to the smartphone landing page.

Which silo structure technique is the better of the two?

You cannot tell which Silo Structure technique is better of the two. It depends on the number of pages on a website and various other factors. The number of pages will depend on the products. While the content on the page may be written in various ways to increase or decrease the number of links.

Ideally, you should have both types of Silo Structure techniques on your website.

For example, you can have the back structure of the website in the form of a physical silo. For virtual Silo Structure , you can use links in your content to give quick access to other relevant information.

How implementing the right type of silo structure can increase the SEO score

To understand how the Silo Structure technique improves the SEO score you have to think from the perspective of a crawler or a visitor who is on your website.

Having the right Silo Structure technique allows faster information access with proper relevance. The crawlers are also able to index your pages with relative ease and analyze the content easily.

By having a good mix of both the techniques you can ensure link weightage and other behavioral factors for accessing a resource.

While designing the website the Silo Structure technique should be implemented properly. Link all the pages that link all the related pages together. For this, you need to have an idea of the content as well. Having an idea of the content will help you to link the pages hierarchically. In this way, you will be able to build clusters having all the folders and subfolders on similar information. 

Here is a quick summary of how to improve your SEO score using silo technique

By implementing the right Silo Structure technique your website is optimized in the following way-

  • It gives easier information access and better navigation experience to the visitors
  • Your content is understandable to the readers with proper meaning
  • It helps to index the pages by the crawlers easily and thus your ranking on the browser improves.

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