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Natural vs Unnatural Link

From signify infotech write valuable content about seo. Today we discuss about Natural vs Unnatural Link.

Link building is one of the essential parameters to boost your SEO score. If you want to top on Google searches then your content must be referred by other websites. Simply speaking this is what kind building is. When you create backlinks to your website then crawlers consider it as good content. This way you can improve rankings for your website.

There are different ways to create links from other websites. One way is to do nothing and simply keep writing good content. This is called a natural link building. The other one is called unnatural or artificial link building. Here you sort of promote your website or blog on other websites and blogs.

What is a natural link?

Natural link simply means that links that occur naturally without your intervention. This means that other websites feel that the content on your website is extremely good and thus they do the create Natural links to your website.

You neither promote, request, or pay to the other website owners for link building. It is one of the best ways to increase your SEO score and rankings. With natural links, you will not have to worry about Google’s changes in its policies.

How natural link building is very important for SEO optimization?

Natural link building is considered to be extremely important. It is one of the safest practices for off-page SEO optimization. There are lots of advantages of Natural link building-

  • Increase in your traffic will happen automatically
  • You get reference links with having to do anything
  • You get recognized in your niche and thus get more natural links
  • You get better rankings for your website

How to create natural links?

There are mainly three things that are required to create more natural links-

  • Create good content

The best way to create natural links is to make your content super perfect. It must be highly engaging and able to deal with problems faced by people and suggest unique ways. You have to very good at content creating and create unique content that is not available on the internet.

  • Use social media

If you are active on social media then you need to leverage social media to gain references. You can create a Facebook or an Instagram page, or even YouTube channel and publish your articles or videos there. Afterward, it’s desirable for your profiles to gain a large number of followers or subscribers, using the assistance of some company like The Marketing Heaven. You can also follow other content creators, website owners, and bloggers. This is an indirect way to gain natural links.

  • Consistency is the key

You have to publish new content frequently. Basically in this step, you have to repeat the first two things.

What are unnatural links?

Creating unnatural links can also be termed as a manual link building process. Here you have to reach out to the website owners and request them or pay them to create backlinks to your website. If you have created your new website or blog this is required.

You can think of this as a forceful method of link building to your website or blog. In today’s competitive industry with millions of websites and content, you need unnatural links to gain on rankings.

How they might be harmful to your website or blog?

But relying heavily on unnatural links may backfire on your rankings. Many people manipulate links or use unethical ways to create forceful backlinks to their website. This way they make website crawlers think that they have a good amount of backlinks and thus their content is the best.

In 2012 Google came up with an update in its ranking algorithm and penalized those who had misused Google policy and create unnecessary backlinks that were of little relevance to the visitors. Some of them were heavily fined and put on Google’s blacklist.

With so much competition and Google’s strict measures, it is very important to know about the different unnatural backlinks and whether they are permissible or not.

Natural vs Unnatural Link

What are the different types of unnatural links?

  1. Link exchanging technique

Here a website owner exchanges link to their website with other website owners. You can think of this as a deal between two parties both of whom want to create links. It is generally discouraged by Google and may trigger penalties.

  • Giving donations for links

Some new website owners pay money to the big traffic websites to create backlinks to their websites. This is considered to be ethical in small volumes only. Unethically buying links to increase traffic may have bad consequences.

  • Posting articles and comments in exchange for links

Here a company lends out some of its services and in exchange the other company crates reviews, comments, articles for the former. Nothing bad if you follow this technique.

  • Guest posting

It is a method where a website posts its articles on other top-ranking websites. This is also an ethical practice of creating good backlinks. But there are limitations to this like a huge number of outbound links and dofollow links to their website are considered unethical.

  • Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

It is a manipulated way of building backlinks. Here a person creates several websites and creates a host of backlinks among one another. So essentially all the links are manually done to create several backlinks. This is also highly unethical.    

Will your website suffer in rankings or can you get fined due to unnatural links?

With so many restrictions in place, you may think that whether unnatural links are good in any way. Yes, they are. In today’s competitive world you need to survive by creating good quality backlinks. They have to be done in the right way according to Google’s policies so that you are not fined or blacklisted.

Natural vs Unnatural Link

Natural links are the way to go but they take a lot of time. You may not be able to survive that last. So you must adopt to clean practices of building unnatural backlinks to promote your website.

Finally, you should avoid any type of manipulation techniques. And you should use several unnatural backlinking ways rather than resorting to just one. In the future there will be more updates on this and some of the other backlinking ways will become obsolete as well.

Now i think clear about Natural vs Unnatural Link if you want know about it click here.

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