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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the Action of promoting and selling products and services with the help of online marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing,and email marketing.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, It is the process of getting High Organic traffic by using methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is process of process of gaining traffic or attention through social media.It is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

Google Adwords

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is an auction-based method of buying digital advertising on a pay-per-click(PPC) Basis.

App Store Optimisation (ASO)

App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps and games to maximize visibility and Download to improve the conversion rate..

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products and Service like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.


Blog is a informational website published on the World Wide Web. Blogging provides an easy way to keep your customers and clients up-to-date


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We provide 100% job Placement to our All students

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Signify Infotech Provides really good training in the field of Digital Marketing. Especially Mr. Ganesh Thakre & Mahesh Sir. They Have provided with excellent technical knowledge in Digital Marketing. Signify Infotech has given me a great opportunity to learn and implement the tools provided by social media and search engines Optimization.

  • Paresh Patil
  • Work At Kiran Diamond
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Signify Infotech is a wonderful way to gain exposure in digital marketing. The course material and also the technique of teaching is meant in such the way that beginners can also relate. The faculty which includes Mr. Mahesh Sir, Mr. Ganesh Sir. it's opened a full new world of learning on behalf of me. The faculty is always open and supportive and ready to help.

  • Nilesh
  • Work at Actiza Pharmaceutics
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Signify Infotech study material is superb. i'm happy to be related to merely Digital. The trainers have guided me to boost my digital Marketing training skills. The trainers they're the backbone of this institute well trained and extremely educated Staff. Signify Infotech is giving the right direction to digital marketing, I would say

  • Vishwajeet Saini
  • Manager Of Nigam Bazaar
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The course content is Really nice, the trainers are extraordinarily passionate about the topic and also the teaching techniques is appreciative. Trainers are well versed within the course and are able to handle queries as well

  • Pravin Chaudhari
  • CEO
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Whenever you talk about SEO and digital marketing support, the name that remains in your mind is surely Signify Infotech. The name itself delivers the significance and the company gives the best support for the candidates who dream of his or her career in digital marketing. Starting from website development to search engine and social media optimization, we are always the prime choice for the candidates to learn the basic and the advanced level and make them established in the industry.

Located in Surat, Gujarat for the last decade, we are one of the best names spoken in terms of digital marketing training institutes. Candidates, who have reached us, always remained in a praising state while being in their career. Our training includes all types of digital assistance for you that has within it –

  • Website development at ease and with proficiency
  • Web designing on new and existing portals
  • Search engine optimization for your website
  • Social media optimization

And in the above segments, you can equip yourself with all the tool integrations in portals, essential for your customer handling solution and needed for increasing your web traffic. Hence reach us and learn to serve your clients today itself.

When you get through the courses, there you will find Signify Infotech is the supreme name not because of the tenure of its existence, but for the quality and coverage we put in pour training sessions. We run courses on digital marketing, which starts from a very basic level and ends up with the latest tech applications.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Surat

Even a decade ago digital marketing was deemed to be the easiest course to be learned with few understandings and training needed. But with the advancement of the tech world, at present, the same is one of the vastest learning worlds that you have ever been. Starting from the different languages that you need for developing different types of websites, till the evolution and involvement of the tools that have been at the end of the digital marketing, the entire course has been one of the longest and most evaluated fields for professional efficacy these days. You will be happy to note that Signify Infotech has remained one of the pioneers in that sense in entire Gujarat and especially in Surat.

The specialty of us remained not only in the course structure but also in the division of the course for the novices, for the beginners and the experts. We have a complete training set that starts from the beginning stating the significance of digital marketing and elongating that to the application of the latest tools in the same field. However, it is not that, every student has to go through the full course all the time. There are many cases where candidates reach us for learning the latest tools that are used in the modern concept of digital marketing; however, they are already in the field and they won’t have to repeat the study of the basics.

Keeping a view on the same, we have designed the advanced digital marketing course for the experts and the professionals. Through the same, they will be able to get through the latest –

  • Web application tools that would assist then in developing websites in a more proficient manner
  • Web designing concepts that will put them in a condition through which they can meet the requirement of the modern companies
  • SEO tools and their applications through which they can support the apps, the websites and everything in the Google search panel and other search engines to make the pages of the client rank at the top
  • Latest Social media optimizing concepts and even the keyword nurturing efficiencies

The four things that have been stated above are all included in our advanced digital marketing courses and it is based on the same that you find the ultimate skill to support your clients in real-time.

Thus, if you are an established professional in the field of digital marketing and if you are eying to improve yourself to the next level, so that you can capture a better market and you can support your clients in a better style, then the best option that you have before you is the advanced course from Signify Infotech.

Best Digital Marketing Training institute in Surat

We are the best digital marketing institute in Surat and this is not in our regards, but the same is the regard of our students and the professionals who have established themselves in the field after being educated from our institute.

We have planned and structured our courses in three effective structures for the training of the professionals –

Digital marketing training for beginners

Here we assist the candidates who are new to the field. We start the course with the need and the effectiveness of digital marketing in the tech world today and then forward the study to the next level. Students learn here the use of the different tools that they need at the basic level to provide website designing and development to the clients and hence after going through the course here, candidates remain in a condition where they can develop websites and design the same for their clients.

Digital marketing training for the intermediaries

Those who have already the concept of website development and designing, those who know about the server structure the cloud storage functions and can create a complete website of all forms including ecommerce portals, need now to promote the websites to the top end. Creating the portals is not everything but they have to be at the top of the search engines so that the visitors can find the profile of the company and can reach out to them for the support. The same is trained here to the students with all the basic levels of SEO tools. Understanding of SEO, SMO, and even the affiliate programming are trained here to the candidates under this course structure.

Digital marketing at an advanced level

Bringing yourself up to the corporate level – this is the only way that can make you a brand itself. And when you achieve that you will be at the state to become the company that will be the hub of providing digital marketing support to all. The course of us for the advanced digital marketing is meant to give the candidates the same opportunity. As you go through this course, the latest and the advanced tools that are used for web developing, designing, SEO and SMO all are trained here. You will be going through the need for the tools, the mechanism of the same and also the application of the tools. So, when you go through them, you will remain at a condition to serve all the companies with all their needs.

So, you can well realize now why Signify Infotech is the best choice for all candidates in terms of digital marketing. For a better understanding of the same, get through what we assure. This will make you the concept clearer than ever before.

Why Choose Us?

It is not that we are the only institute in Surat and Gujarat wherefrom you will be trained with digital marketing. Then the question that must be rounding in your mind is – why to reach Signify Infotech for the solution and the training. Here are the basic things that we assure you, as you reach us –

100% Job Assistance – The advanced students are already in the field and they come here for their professional uplifting itself. The beginners and the intermediaries are all looking to be placed in the industry in a better way and that we ensure after the training we provide.

Proven Past Records – The placement word is not from our mind and not only in the sense that we will be emphasizing you like such that you will get placed anywhere. Check our records and you will understand that we tell what we do.

Affordable Fees – The fee structure of us is not also at the higher end. Rather, if you compare that with other institutes, you will find that ours is at the lower end itself.

No Specific IT background is required – For digital marketing training, it is a wrong concept that you will have to be an engineer or from any IT related field. Our training itself will be making you an IT professional.

Practical Training & Live Project – Our training is never only a theoretical basis. This is a professional skill and without practical knowledge, you will stand nowhere and that we do provide to all.

Free doubt sessions and Backup classes – The best part of our training is this where you can clarify all your doubts and all your understandings.

High Quality of Training – The training we will be providing at our classrooms is of classic level and that you can well compare with some international training too.

Life Time Support – It is not that once you get released from here, you can never get back to us. We believe in relations and we have the deepest relations with our students. Hence, reach us anytime in your life when you need to have a word with us for your professional clarification.


Yes, we do provide job guarantee at all levels of our training, including the advanced level of digital marketing training too.

For the full courses, you will be facing the job interviews within your training session and will be placed after the training is over – then and there. In crash courses, this can be till 3 months from the time of your course completion.

We will be placing you in the different web solutions providing companies running in overall Gujarat and some instances, depending on your caliber you can claim some big deals too.

We have divided the course in different structures, depending on the coverage and depending on the time that the students must dedicate to some peripheries. The fee structure has also been distributed in that way. The payment can be made according to that itself.

The time duration starts from three months to 12 months, depending on the course you are getting enrolled. The full course is of 12 months.

Yes, we do provide a certificate to all the candidates and the certificate is a valid one for all corporate purposes.

You can always shift to digital marketing. The basic marketing concept will be helpful for you in the due time, the rest digital concept will be covered to you in the course itself.

All of our courses have both a theoretical and practical part. Hence, when you get through the same, you will get the exposure of both, so that you can have complete knowledge, you need for professional exposure.

The full course and the advanced course are meant for the same. As you go through the complete course, you will get through the advanced tools and also through the practical knowledge of when to use them and how to use them. So, you will become an expert in the due time.

Our training has the specialty of dealing with the different needs of the clients. A professional course is meant for the support that has to be provided to the clients and we provide the course in a way that you can deal with the clients, their need and their support. Hence, as and when you get through the course from us, you will be in a state to have your estate of your own too and this is the specialty and the difference of us from the other training institutes in Surat.